Raymond Briggs (Part two)

In the run up to Christmas Waterstones in Brighton played host to my illustration hero Raymond Briggs. I'm currently working on illustrations for a very exciting project (coming summer 2014) and so between that and my other commitments I was an exceedingly busy chap and unable to travel down to the South coast to attend this very rare opportunity to meet Mr Briggs.

To say I was disappointed not to attend is an understatement. It would've been wonderful just to shake his hand and to say thank you. I pondered and agonised as to whether I should make the trip but I felt I just didn't have the time. I resigned myself to the fact that I couldn't go and promised that I'd do everything I could should the opportunity arise again in the future.

I was cheered up by watching 'The Snowman' and the newer 'The Snowman and the Snowdog'  but little twinges of regret remained, and then in the evening of Christmas day something wonderful happened...on returning home from family visits my partner presented me with one more package. Knowing how disappointed I was not to be able to go down to Brighton, Clare had contacted Waterstones and asked if it would be possible to get a signed copy of The Snowman. The fantastic staff at Waterstones very kindly followed up Clare's request and even better than that they managed to get it dedicated to me! 

It was Christmas magic. So, a big thank you to Watersones in Brighton, it really was very kind of you, a big thank you to Mr Briggs (I'll do my best to thank you in person one day!) and last but not least a huge thank you to Clare, I couldn't have asked for a better present.

Happy Christmas folks!