Music to work / cross-hatch by:


I've been putting in the hours on an exciting project recently. I'm working on illustrations for a children's book that has vampires in it, those poor vamps don't get out much during the day, I'm beginning to know how they feel!

So, a deadline looms and the daytime flies by and I work late into the night. I quite like working at night, I put the lamp on and crank up the ipod and I'm in a world of my own. Winter nights need winter music, Kolniour  from the album Go by the Sigur Ros frontman Jonsi has a suitably wintery feel to it. I saw Jonsi perform this song in Leeds a few years back and I shall never forget it, this 'live' video I've put up doesn't really do it justice (not to say it's bad, far from it,  you just had to be there i think) The animation from the video played on a large screen behind the band and the music was wonderfully loud. It was an amazing gig with fantastic production and visuals. I love this track, it's just right for a dark winter's night.